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Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Hi everyone ~ So we meet again . This is the second place we want to go in Perak which is Gunung Lang,Ipoh . It's off Jalan Kuala Kangsar, a little further down from Perak Caves. The sign board is little bit confusing and the place is quite hidden in the corner of the town. One blink and you may get lost. We will guide you how to go there in the end of the blog. Gunung Lang is indeed an undiscovered attraction.

1.Gunung Lang man-made waterfall near the entrance. 

We reached Gunung Lang at 12p.m.We felt relaxed with the fresh air blowing against our sweating face. . Here, Gung Lang is a nice place for us to releasee stress. That's why we have to introduce the place as "MUST DO" in Perak . This is where you may reward yourself with a serene park teeming with nature. There are over 100 species plants at the site which hardly can be seen elsewhere in the county.

Group photo near the waterfall

Tickets for the park included the boat service. Only For RM3!!!!!

Lots of fishes
There are lots of fishes in the lake such as Lampan, Tilapia, and Keli, and visitors were seen busy feeding them with fish flakes or breads the shoal fish and appeared to be enjoying the very much. Interestingly the lake was an abandoned mining pool! The authorities found out that the view and the surrounding could be potentially to developed as a recreational park, so they did.

Some pictures captured during the short boat trip

Short boat trip to the opposite park

In the meantime, we enjoyed the fascinating view of the surround mountains. Undoubtedly, we took this opportunities to chit chat with the boatmen about the park. He jokingly said "Ada harimau  dalam yang makan orang."(Tigers that may attack people inside). But of course don't worry, it's true there is a mini-zoo inside but the animals it's not carnivorous. It's all herbivorous.

There is also a gigantic tortoise in the pond , so adorable with his head out of the water!!!

Entrance to the park

The place is blooming with flowers A broad street, well-manicured lawn, neatly trimmed and neat hedges, Kudos to the gardeners! This path is seemed to be rolled with a yellow carpet as if greeting you to visit. Don't you feel like a V.I.P?

Watch Tower
The first thing we saw was one obvious building standing tall at the lake side,At first time we thought this it was a light house or something. Initially we have no clue regarding the function of this tower and then we realized this tower was viewing the full landscape of the park.
and now let's begin our journey...
And so we when up and check it out.

This is the front view of the tower
This is the back view of the tower

The picture above shows the Gunung Lang Recreational Park breathtaking views with limestone hills and lakes.The Gunung Lang Park has three man-made lakes which were former mining pools.feel the stress of city living roll off your shoulders as you stroll along a 2km long broadwalk over a swampland where you can view interesting species of flora and fauna.Besides that,visitor can enjoy the scenic view from top of the tower. Absolutely beautiful!
Group photo taken inside the tower

Another Group photo taken inside the tower with the scenic view.
Everyone: BEST!!!

So we went down the stairs and got back to the park again. This time we did some exploration and soon the  hot weather and exhaustion brought us into a stop, we needed some shades. After that,we found this special gazebo which gave us some protection.
A beautiful gazebos fully covered with flowers

Beside the gazebos, there was another thing to see.When we walking deeper to the park, we cane across  the mini zoo.

Yean Lynn is wondering what is inside the cage. It's a beautiful homing pigeon.

Besides that, there is another animal cage.But it looked smaller. What is that?

Oh, It's a rabbit cage!
A kit!! (baby rabbit)
I hope when you all come to visit next time, you can see this kit growing up healthily .There are other animal which are in a large cage such as ostrich and deer,

a 7 feet tall ostrich .
There is also one healthy deer there..

The surrounding limestone hills draped in lovely greenery provide a mesmeric view for a sore eye.

Oh Yeah!! We had to take one more boat trip back to the place where we come from..

Yes,definitely, the inherent seclusion and tranquillity of Gunung Lang provides a perfect retreat for friends and family to enjoy during their free time.

Individual photos taken at the children's playground
Brought  to you by :starting from top left,Wei Keat,Kwong Meang,Wei Sheng and Hong Mun,
Below left: Yean Lynn,Chooi Mun,Shu Jing,Ryet Shien,and Kah Lai.

Gunung Lang located at:

Gunung Lang,
Desa Lang Indah,
Jalan Kuala Kangsa,

Google Map

A cartoon illustrated map from http://ipoh.ws/map.htm

Unfortunately, Google Map did not state the location name too, You would not able to get direction here as this place is so mysterious. Do you want to be adventurous? Why not pay a visit? By the way, please follow the instructions below ,and you surely won't lost your way.We are pleased to furnish you with further infomation as follow :

1.How do we go here?
Firstly , no matter you are from the south or north side of Malaysia, just take the Leburaya (express highway) When you reach Ipoh, take the exit onto Kuala Kangsar. Continue straight until you see a Mobile petrol and after that there is also Petronas petrol station , there is where you need to turn. Turn left and go straight and you will arrive at the destination.

2.What will be the coordinates for GPS?
Coordinates: 4°37'30"N   101°5'23"E 

The office telephone of Gunung Lang  is 05-2413733 


  1. Wow,awesome!!! ^^
    I'm very like the nature scape,I tend to release my stress and unhappy feeling through this way.
    I'm very satisfy to ur first & second blog post, since my hometown is at Sabah, so it's less opportunity to have a vision n enjoy on this beauty nature.
    Hope u all have a best achievement on ur project~

    1. Thank you so much, It's always pleasure and welcome you to visit to this place. Firstly, most important the entrance fees is cheap and the views is really beautiful with mountains and natural totally perfect to relieve tension.

  2. nice picture captured. But can avoid the flying leaf in the blog la...it's nice but very annoying when watching at the post.Overall is a quite well post.

  3. Thank you Anonymous. We just try to grab our public attention, with the leaf falling down able to give audience a feeling to follow and read the blog. Thank you much your comment has taken into account, further action will be taken as soon as possible.

  4. WHAT? is there a place like that in Ipoh? I from Ipoh no realized this place! LOL.BTW I from Tambun now i know which shortcut to take.Thank you students.

    1. Yes after you out from Tambun use Jalan Bercham highway and there and straight away use the North "To Penang" highway and you will reach Kuala Kangsar. Good to know that you understand the road.

  5. the moutain juz near my housing area separate me and gunung lang xD

    1. This is really great to heard that. I love that place, It's so calm and peaceful, I wish I can have a house there too. as I know there is a new housing area there. Look forward into it.

  6. Never heard this place before, after your all introduce, it really capture my attention to go there have a look ! Moreover, the enter fee is cheaper than i expected.

    Really enjoy when reading your blog in term of music and the flying leaf. Well done ! And great job :))

    1. Thank you. Shadoll! Next time contact us, as for my info I know that you are my coursemate from UTAR too, we will bring you to this wonderful places if possible. Thank you for your appreciation.

  7. Nice intro to Gunung Lang...Makes me feels like wanna go there when holiday...

    Nice job guys...

    1. Yup thank you Rey , you should come here for a holiday. It's really relaxing and peaceful.

    2. Cool! Gunung Lang.. i went there before, now there are changing. Fortunately u all update me..i will go there next time and can say that u all are did a good job!!!

    3. Thank you apple Tan for the compliment,indeed this is a magnificent place and also a perfect place for relaxation. And yes, you are right! it changed compared to previous year it has improved as well,the local government has run a lot restoration for maintaining the structure and the places.

  8. Wow. I didnt know Gunung Lang has changed so much! It was long since i got there. Nicely described! Good team work can be "feel"! Good luck=)

  9. wow~ a nice place for me to visit again =)
    Gunung Lang really is a place which is suitable for family, couple, natural lover and also even fish lover!
    the view is awesome! that's great~ good team~ good job~ like!

  10. Thank you so much for this post! Will be visiting from Singapore very soon! Cheers

  11. How long did you guys took to visit the whole Lang Mountain? Planning for a day trip at Ipoh, so was wondering if i have enough time to cover the whole visiting ;p

  12. may I know the fee for this year?